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Tips & Ideas

Top tips for getting sponsors

Take a look at these tried and tested ideas for making the most of your fundraising. You can also find answers to some common questions over on our FAQs page, or you can contact our Shave team if you need a helping hand.

Fundraising online

Personalise your fundraising page

You’re shaving your hair off! It’s an awesome thing you’re doing for a great cause so make sure you raise enough to make it all worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to set your target high – make it challenging. A good way to kick start your fundraising is by making a donation to your own page (you can do this anonymously if you want).

Spread the word

Tell everyone what you are doing. It sounds simple but you will be surprised how many people will ask how they can support you. Make sure you talk to your workplace too; many companies have matched giving and/or are very supportive to employees who are fundraising for charities.

Share your journey

Post about your fundraising progress on your Shave page and on social media. Thank people for their support and encourage others to donate. Or, why not encourage other brave souls to join you in shaving? Remember to explain why you are taking part in the event and raising funds. Knowing why Shave is such a great cause helps people to get involved.

Get social

Share your link to your fundraising page on your social media profiles, post before-and-after photos and don’t forget to add the hashtag #shavenz to your updates to be part of our online community of awesome Shavees!

Fundraising event ideas

Crazy Hair Day

Shaving is a big ask, so why not hold a Crazy Hair Day at work or school instead? Pick a date, get everyone to show off their best (meaning worst) bad hair day looks and then collect donations. If you’re feeling brave post a selfie on Facebook or Instagram, and dare your work to match the number of likes your picture gets with a donation.

Auction it off

Ask friends and colleagues to donate items for a hamper and raffle it off, or approach local businesses to donate products for an auction! You can also set targets for different tasks on your online fundraising page (e.g. the first person to donate $100 gets to cut off your ponytail or shave your hair into whatever funny ‘do’ they want).

Celebrate with a difference

Got a special occasion coming up? Whether you’re having a birthday party, a wedding or celebrating a different milestone, ask guests to give a meaningful gift by donating to your fundraising page in lieu of presents.

Need a hand?

We love hearing about your events. If you have any questions about fundraising, please call the Shave team on 0800 15 10 15 (option 1) or email – we’re happy to help.